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Our Services

The service involves the decluttering and the organizing of clothing, shoes and accessories:


  • We meet the client and discuss their needs

  • We explain to the client that this procedure is based on the method that requires their involvement, through which they will learn how to maintain their wardrobe organized and live better lives.
  • We give them the best hints on how to declutter
  • We give them some hints on how to organize
  • We answer clients’ Q’s
  • We record their experience and their comments on the procedure

Decluttering Hints

    • Empty your closet and collect all your clothes in one place


    • Hold one piece at a time and recall the feeling you had the last time you wore the said item. Did you feel comfortable, confident, beautiful?


    • Make two piles. One for those you «keep» and one for those you «give»


Organizing Hints

    • Find a home for each category


    • Hang or fold all the items you keep


    • Put back in the closet categorizing by color, type, style etc
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